​The elimanation group takes place in the following hours:
Friday 16.00-19.00
Saturday 10.00-16.00
Sunday 9.00-15.00

All Participants must be present at the competition venue at this time.
One hour before the start of a given group, the competition office will be open, where you have to sign the declarations and regulations. The office will be located in the Old Market Square in a tent with the Hurom logo.

Along with the starting time of a given group, we start a briefing, during which Organizers will explain all the rules to you.

After the briefing, we start the starts of all Participants in turn. When the first round is over, we start the second one (during the elimination you have two approaches to the track).

You will find out about the order of starts on the spot (the list will be available at the race office).
If you are late for your group, you may miss the check-in and you will not know the rules for passing the track or you will miss your start.

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​​I am not an advanced player. Can I handle it?

​The idea of ​the competition is so that all ninja lovers can have fun and gain valuable experiences. The elimination track is constructed in such a way that it is also possible for beginners to pass. It will not be easy because it is still going to be a challenge for you, but there is a good chance that many of the Participants will be able to cope with it;) There will also be a semi-final and final track for the best participants.

​​From what age can I start?

​​ You can start from the age of 14 (with the consent of the guardian).

​​Does the competitor's level affect the ability to start?

​​ The sports level does not affect the ability to start. You can even join a friend and race them for fun.

​​How many obstacles and how many attempts to overcome them will there be?

​​ There are 6 obstacles on each track. During the elimination, you start twice and during each pass, you can correct the obstacle that you fail to overcome once. If the obstacle course attempt is overturned the second time, that will be the end of that approach to the obstacle course. There are fewer attempts in the next stages: in the semi-finals you go to the entire track once, but you have two obstacle attempts. In Finals there is one approach to the track and one obstacle trial.

​Can I compete in shoes with OCR or a stronger tread?

​Not. Choose shoes without aggressive tread. We don't want the soles of your shoes to be destroyed by obstacles;)

​Can I test the obstacles before taking off?

​Not. You can't touch them at all before take off. If it is possible and time, the leaders will provide the track or selected obstacles after the starts - but will it be possible to do so, depending on the situation.